Craftsman chipper shredder

lightningboltDecember 24, 2006

I recently purchased a Craftsman chipper shredder on e-bay and being that is it an older model it did not come with an owners manual. I was wondering if anybody out there has one that I could copy. The model number is 987-797810, 8 horsepower. It was originally built by troy build then went to murray and I think ended up in the hands of mtd. Thank you for your time.

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Have you contacted/called Craftsman to see if they can provide you with one? A large percentage of companies are more than willing to provide replacement manuals for their products purchased second-hand.

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Lightning - A couple of suggestions:
1. When searching on the net for this model number, use a dot between the 987 and the rest of the numbers (ie, 987.797810. That's how Sears model numbers are usually posted.
2. The 987 indicates that the shredder was indeed made by Troy Bilt/Gardenway, which is now in the hands of MTD. Go to their web site at www dot mtdproducts dot com and do a search; they are still supporting at least some of the old TroyBilt stuff.
Good luck.

Here is a link that might be useful: MTD web site

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joceysweetp(z7 NY)

I recently purchased a used Craftsman chipper shredder on ebay. I am in search of the Manual for this 5hp Model # 247.796890 or a similar model, since the basic machine seems to have been made for a number of years with different hp., tho there are different configurations on the placement of the oil, gas and engine on the body of the machine It is all metal, and worked great the few times I used it. Chopped up a huge pile of brush, and I used the mulch on a nice length of bushes already. The pull-start was hard for me to start, since I am not that strong. It didn't start up yesterday, so I checked the spark plug, and replaced it since it was black and wouldn't clean-up, and filled it with 10w 30w oil as listed on the engine (it was thirsty and took a qt.). Filled the gas tank since it was almost empty with regular. I took off the air cleaner and knocked the dust out as best I could. Still wouldn't turn over, but I do have a hard time, pulling fast enough. Can this machine be converted to an electric start? Are there kits out there? Any trouble-shooting advice would be appreciated. Without the manuals, I am hesitant to try to open it up, and I don't know how to properly clean the air filter, or drain the oil to check for sludge. I was all set to tackle another large pile of branches, and lay the mulch on more bushes, so I was bummed when I couldn't get it to start yesterday. I would prefer to service myself rather than having to take to my local garden repair shop. This is the link to the model: Appreciate all help.

Here is a link that might be useful: Craftsman 5ph Chipper Shredder

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Since you have an ENGINE problem, you should approach it from that angle.
Your engine should be-
B & S Model 130212 Type 1731
There is NO WAY it should have taken a qt. of oil, since the capacity is 20 oz.
Go to the Briggs site and download an operators manual.

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Are you in Port Jeff, I'm in medford.

I bought one from a "junker" about a year ago. Check for spark, take the plug out and lay the threaded end on the plug hole (best ground for the test) give the cord a pull, you should see a spark.

You are probably not getting gas. If you have spark, you need to take the air cleaner off and get some sort of flammable liquid in there (Ether, WD-40 or gas if you are brave) give it a pull and see if it starts,make sure the spark plug is back in though!! if it does start, it is not going to run for long.

Mine initially worked ok, i managed to jam it up and had to open it up to clear it. I found the flails to be frozen in place, i managed to free them up and the thing worked a million times better.

It is very diabolical, it does not shred leaves as good as id like and when i throw some sticka in I try to run away as fast as possble.

It is hard to pull because the flywheel probably weighs 40-50 pounds.

please post results

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I'm having a problem with gas leaking out of the air filter. Helpless female here. Ok, not helpless, but I don't know what to do about this. I don't have a truck so I can't take it anywhere and I really need it to get debris out of my yard (I live in MS where Katrina hit and this is neverending). Thanks

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We need numbers to identify the engine!
Brand, Model, Type etc.
If it's a Sears, the Sears number will work.
Something like 917.xxxxxx or 536.xxxxxx

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I also have gas leaking out of the air filter. How do I fix this? Thanks.

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My 9hp Craftsman Chipper/Shredder rattled itself so much all 4 of the shroud mounting bolts fell out or possibly sheared off. In order to replace them I will need to remove the flywheel. I've removed the 3/8 bolt from the center of the drive shaft. I'm told the shaft is tapered but I can't wrestle it loose. Apparently there's another set of fine threads (7/16?) within the same shaft. Am I supposed to insert a larger bolt into these threads to loosen the shaft? Is this a keyed shaft?

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i had one of these chippers and suffered from poor running from mixture issues solved by finding the manual for the engine. a few months of relatively happy chipping ended when it couldnt govern itself and was constantly running away with itself. this was more problematic as i couldnt get inside the engine to see what the governor was doing. the chipper flywheel is held on to the engine by a nut on a tapered shaft without a keyway. I tried a bearing / hub puller without success and finally realised that i needed a tool to push the engine off. I had to machine an M14 x 160mm screw down to an M11 screw with 1.25 pitch. the end of this (the other end of the screw from the head) was turned to a reduced diameter of 8mm x 60mm. not easy to explain unfortunately, but when this is tightened into the hole in the drive shaft it pushes the flywheel off... dont forget to use lots of grease on the screw.

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