Replacing Wheel Horse 108-R belt

als2002June 3, 2007

I just got an older riding lawn tractor. On the side it says "Wheel Horse 108-R". It has an 8HP Briggs and Stratton engine. The only place with an actual model/serial number is on the side of the tractor and that has faded to white. ThereÂs no model number I could find under the seat or anywhere else.

This tractor drives fine, it just wonÂt cut. The reason seems to be that one of the belts is too large. It has too much slack. So I have to replace it. But I have no manual and by the looks of it, it could be a difficult job. There are two sets of pulleys and belts and this one is closest to the engine. To get it off IÂd have to get the lower pulley/belts off.

My guess is the tractor dates back to the late 1980Âs. It was given to me and IÂm wondering if itÂs even worth working on. If it is, how do I go about replacing the belt? Is there any easy way? Is there any way to even find out the exact/real model? I called Toro support (which now owns Wheel Horse) and they didnÂt have a clue what a 108-R is.



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In my Gates belt catalog, they list a 108-3, 4 and 5
Could the "R" be a number?

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I just posted a couple of pictures of the tractor in a picasa web album and put the link in the optional link field. That's definitely an R. I think it's probably one of those other 108's sold under another name. Are there any manuals to be found for the 108-3,4, or 5? Are the belts all the same size? And is there any indication how to replace them?

Here is a link that might be useful: tractor pictures.

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I don't know if this makes sense or not-
108-3; 108-4; 108-5 OEM Gates
Jackshaft To Deck 110420 6848
Traction 110364 6833

Don't know

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carsnthrds(z7 MD)

Go to this link:

Click on "Look Up Parts" under "Customer Care"

Input this model number:

33-08X301 (or 33-08X303 - I am not sure of the differences)

This is for an '85 model - yours is this or very close. I think you will find that owners, parts, and service manuals are available. If you do the purchase, it may be available for free via download, or at the most there may be a charge of $ or $5 for them to send you printed copies.

Looks like a fine little rider to me, the 8HP Briggs should be plenty powerful for this deck and millions must've been made, the transmission is standard stuff, the rest is basically pulleys and brackets and a bearing or bushing here & there, bottom line looks to me like an easy unit to get going and keep it going. Ed

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