Need solution for timer on rain barrel drip system

gina_jJuly 11, 2014

We have built a rain barrel system using two 65 gallon barrels that we are pretty pleased with. They are now full of water and deliver well to our outlet line when we open to ball valve.

We have four blueberry bushes over a 24 foot space that we want to water with four drip lines from the rain barrels.

Furthermore we need a timer so that when we are out of town it keeps working and so that we do not have to manually open it each day.

Therein lies the dilemma. When we added a tap line timer it reduced the water pressure so much that it looks like it will be almost impossible to get water to the bushes. Research shows that if we are willing to put out $200+ we can get a high end timer that reduces water pressure only a little. That is too much for a timer for our budget.

A pump would fix the problem, but we would need then a timer that would both turn open the valve and turn on the pump and also turn them off. If such a thing exists, it is likely very costly.

Are there other solutions anyone would suggest for under $60?

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Raise the rain barrels to gain more pressure

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Actually, most controllers now do activate a pump. So you would be fine with getting the pump installed and getting a new timer.

Toro EC-XTRA and Irritrol Raindial-R are a couple timers that allow for a pump/pump delay...

Type in your zip code here to find a local Toro distributor: States&serviceType=Buy&postalCode=92118&ResultType=Dealer&productType=94&productTypeName=Irrigation&categoryName=Contractor&skip=0amp;brand=Toro&selectedRetailer=
Or here for Irritrol:

The Toro LM2 also has availability for a pump to be connected but I am not sure that you can set a delay bw stations. The ECXtra and Raindial have that

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