gutter downspout roll-out hose?

aniya(z5 IN)July 3, 2004

I remember years ago seeing wide flat soaker hose that attached to the bottom of a gutter downspout. When the water came down the spout it made the hose roll out and distributed the water gently. Are these still available? I just spent 1/2 searching on-line and all I could find were hose attachments that directed downspout water to a rain barrel. I have a downspout on a SE corner of my garagewith a long sidewalk flower bed under the garage eaves on the east side that gets shorted by rains so using the downspout to irrigate would be wonderful. If the roll-out hose is no longer available I am thinking about drilling holes in PVC and attaching that to the bottom of the spout. Any suggestions? Thanks for any help.

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i have purchased those exact roll out hoses things for your gutters at lowes and home depot. i live in florida so i don't know if they will carry them in your state but you could try their web sites to purchase them online.

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I just saw these at the following website

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okcdan(7 OKC - Bermuda)

Whooohoooo! I've been looking for these & you guys helped me finally find some Rain Drain® downspout extenders!

How cool is that?

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have gravel, leaves and twiggs probably slowly clog little holes - will that thing just blow off if it can't flow all the rain water in a florida downpour ?

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We bury 4" drain tile and put pop-up heads here.
The downspout balloons would never make it up here with leaves and other debris coming down in late summer and in the fall.
It would then freeze and explode in the winter. ;-)

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I just moved to north carolina from california and I had no idea clogging gutters were an issue - until our first big rain 2 weeks ago. I got these and so far so good.

Here is a link that might be useful: downspout diverters

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