Craftsman 1/2 HP Screwdrive Garage Door Opener

johnson903December 29, 2009

I have a 6 year old Craftsman 1/2 HP Screwdrive Garage Door Opener that does not open when the temperature gets below about 40 degrees. It comes up about 6 inches and stops. I can "assist" it by pulling up on the door handle and it works fine in warm weather. Thus I believe it is not the door itself. The door is wooden, but is only a single car garage door, so I think the 1/2 hp opener should work. Any thoughts?

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Make sure there is NO oil in any of the roller wheels in the hinges The oil congeales in winter, and makes the door hard to lift with the opener. I couldn't pick up my heavy 14 ft. door after i inadvertently forgot and oiled the rollers and wheels! I though i was getting weak! After cleaning them out with a squirt oil gun, using mineral spirits, the door suddenly lost a lot of weight and operated smoothly again.

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On screw drive openers the drive screw is long and runs in a track. It is susceptible to friction caused by anything touching it. Mainly what I mean is grease. The screw drive should not be greased much at all and then only with a light lithium grease like Lubriplate. I saw one once that had been greased all along the track and it would not open in cold weather. I flushed the grease out with a spray can solvent and then applied only a minimal amount of Lubriplate and the opener worked fine after that.

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