Wanted: Info on LED lamps/ lighting.

rustyj14(W/PA)December 8, 2010

I need some info on LED lights. A friend has a long driveway, paved, that he usually has to plow after dark. He only has a walk-behind, Craftsman s.p. machine.

He is looking for info on how to install the lights, and will vibrations from the machine tend to blow out or otherwise make the LED's not work properly. I told him he can run the lights off a motor-cycle battery, and recharge it when he puts the machine away.

I have read that those LED's don't draw a lot of power. Is that true? And, what about vibrations when the machine is being operated? Will they tend to put the lights in an inoperable condition? I was thinking about a large single lamp, but LED's will make it much easier.

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what about a light like coon hunters and miners use that attaches to your cap and runs off a rechargeable battery pack on your belt, they may have them in LED now?

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They don't draw alot of power. I bought a quality LED flashlight back in 2002 with a single bulb. It's powered by a AA battery. A battery will last for 30 hours of continuous use and the bulb will shine for 30 feet.

I use it every day and have dropped it a thousand times on concrete over the years.

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Hey, thanks for the info on LED's. I found a good web-site, too. Lots of info there.

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masiman(z7 VA)

Ok Rusty, I'll bite....what's the website? :)

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to: Masiman: Somehow, i forgot to write down the web-site, but--here's the phone number to call for that company:
I'm sure they will send any info you seek. Or, give their web address.
by: Rustyj14
ps: They have a large illustrated listing of all types of LED lighting.

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to: Masiman: I found the info on Led lamps, and the web-site, too. Some body s-canned the paper???
to wit: support@ledlight.com Hope this helps. RJ

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masiman(z7 VA)

Google makes alot of things way easier than it used to be.

Searching on that phone number turned up:


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