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sonia_mMay 4, 2012

Hello All,

I hope I am posting this in the right spot, if not please forgive me as I am still a "newbie" to this site. I am planning a rose garden for the front of my house, I live in zone 5. I have never planted roses before and have been doing some homework on it. However, I still have some questions that I am hoping people could lead me in the right direction...

1. Has anyone ever purchased roses from Thoughts on the quality of their roses?

2. They say their roses are 2 years grown and shipped bare root dormant. If I purchase roses in this stage how long before I see results - this season or does it take a few seasons before I see blooms?

3. I know bare roots need to be soaked before planting, but do I submerge the entire plant or just the roots? Do I put anything in the water when soaking them?

4. When planting, for my zone 5, do I plant the bud union above or below the soil?

I am currently preparing the soil and having it properly tested...Thanks!!

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Oh wow i would not order from a site that sells 'White Rose', 'Red Rose', etc. Based on experience, If you want good, healthy roses online you should order from a nursery that specializes in roses for the most part. Otherwise the gamble is too great. has bad reviews. here is a thread:
If you are looking for roses at a good price from a decent rose company that is trusted, I like Edmunds Roses ( Now they are having a $10 sale on a lot of roses, with cheap shipping.

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seil zone 6b MI

I've never done business with but if they are selling un-named roses by color alone that's not a good sign. There's a good chance these are patented roses that they are selling un-named to get around paying any fees. I'd be surprised if they are really two year olds but if so they should bloom this season.

I've soaked the whole plant if I'm planting right away. If I know I can't plant immediately I'll put just the roots in a soak for holding.

Rule of thumb for cold climates says to plant the bud union about 4 to 6 inches below ground. But there has been some debate about this recently. Some people think that it inhibits basal breaks. I plant mine right at the soil level but I'm a zone warmer than you are.

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flaurabunda(6a, Central IL)

It took me a bit; I was intrigued when I saw the location of the company.

This place is NOT a nursery. You're actually placing an order with a business in Bloomington, Illinois, that is nothing more than a service company located in an office building. That website is owned & run by Come To Buy, Inc, which provides companies with internet service and web-hosting stuff. This place will take your order & then go fill it by calling one of their affiliate vendors.

So like northtexasdude said, that's why they sell a "red" rose or a "white" rose. Basically you're playing Rose Zone roulette and they may send you something totally inappropriate for your climate. This website looks a whole lot like another one I remember from a couple of years ago with seriously over-dubbed photos of blue roses & the like.

The owner of the business appears to be the McLean County Board chairman, whom I know zero about. They're an hour north of me and in a different county.

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I am so glad I posted this question!! Thank you all!!

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After checking out the edmundsroses website I now understand why I should have been clued in to the naming of the far I am loving this site :) Once again thank you all for the great advice.

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flaurabunda(6a, Central IL)

You'll find that passions run high here--we love our roses and we don't care much for vendors that don't share our passion. Our goal is to get more folks like you involved in rose care & growing. I shudder to think how many unsuspecting newbies get discouraged when an inferior rose (or the wrong rose in the wrong place) fails in their garden.

Good luck & keep coming back!

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Look at and
Connie who owns Hartwood also has a really nice blog.

Happy gardening :)

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