Sprinkler System Issue

garydgJuly 8, 2013

The former homeowner removed the sprinkler control box and I am left with wires, that went to the valves, hanging out the wall.

The valves are remote, that is adjacent to the sprinklers, and there is a common water supply line that goes to each remote valve.

This setup was done approximately 25 years ago.

I am interested in finding out if anyone is familiar with what the standard wire colors are for say common and power.

I have seven circuits. There are three types of wires coming out of the wall: 3 white (ga 12), 2 black(ga 12), and a sheathed wire containing four wires that are approximately 16ga.

Any idea how this should be connected to a standard controller?


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Your description needs some more info. Are you capable of testing the wires for voltage. Do you know the power source(on/off switch or breaker) of the larger wires since they are coming out of the wall. The source voltage will be 120V and the smaller wires will be 24V after leaving the controllers transformer. I assume the controller was inside somewhere. If you are not familiar with electrical troubleshooting, I would recommend you have a landscaper/irrigation set your system up. You will probably get a warranty with effort as well. JMHO Aloha

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Thanks for your response. I was hoping there was a "standard" color coding for the wires that would allow me to solve my problem more quickly.

I did not know where most of the valves were in the yard (1 acre) so that added to the complexity.

In the end, through a combination of an in-ground wire locator (the type used typically for locating buried pet fences) and a wire sensing unit (transmitter attached to the wire and a hand held unit that make a sound when the transmitted wire is found on the other end) I was able to label all wires, hook them up to a controller and get the system running.

The original installer did not use a consistent color coding system for their install. It took several hours to complete this project.

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If you only took a couple hours you did very well. Aloha

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