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ehunt123(5a)July 19, 2014


I am going to be having a contractor come in and install an irrigation system for my lawn area. As part of the install, I'm having the contractor give me a separate zone (80psi/11gpm on the system) per garden bed. Each 'bed' or 'area' is a little different but my question is: from the 1" polypipe, the contractor said he can give me a 1/2" or 3/4" FPT to each area. I have a good idea of what I need to do, thanks to, but I'm wondering what's the best way or method to connect up one of the kits that the many drip irrigation shops out there offer? I have no problem doing all of this myself, but I am wondering if there is a site or information on what components/order to do everything? Right now, it looks like I can install a riser off the FPT, connect up the ballvalve, install the filter then reducer, and finally run my 1/2" mainline to 1/4" individual drip nozzles.

I only ask because I see a lot of conflicting information here and am wondering what is the 'better' way to go about this. Should I be grabbing some type of mini-plasticbox to mount this assembly in before going out to the dripline?


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Your description of what you want to do sound good to me. By reducer (there is a fitting called a reducer or adapter) are you talking about pressure reducer. You will need one. You can do it before all the beds so you need just one or you can do it for each beds. 80 psi is very high for drip so you may have to step it down with more than one pressure reducer. Aloha

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