Ariens Snowblower choke question

nycowboyDecember 8, 2010

Hi. I haven't posted on gardenweb in years, so it is good to be back.

I have an Ariens snowblower. It is about 30 years old, a bit tempermental, but it runs and it was free.

Dumb question: I am right-left challenged. There are two levers to run the thing. The top one is the run-idle-off switch and the other is the choke lever. I can't for the life of me remember which way is full choke and which way is off for the choke. Is it left or right? In other words, to fully choke, does it go left (under the run side of the other lever) or does it go to the right (the off side of the other lever)?



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Remove the tin cover over the inlet side of the carb, and watch the choke operation. It should not have an air cleaner/filter.

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Isn't there an arrow formed into the end of the stamped steel choke lever?

The point of the arrow is the direction of full choke.

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Thanks, baymee. Yes there is!

A great mystery of life has been solved!

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