1 sprinkler zone not working, but can't find the valves.

caliking(9)August 16, 2011

The sprinkler system was working fine until 2 weeks ago, when 1 zone stopped coming on completely. All other zones are fine. A sprinkler guy came out, but could not locate the valves for the front zone which stopped working.

It could be a solenoid issue I heard, but do not know how to locate the valves. The sprinkler guy said he would send someone else out who had a better valve locator, so I guess I am waiting for that to happen. He also said that it seemed the controller was working fine and sending out signal.

Any ideas on what I should ask the irrigation person to do or look for? I'm kinda stumped. if the valve can't be found does the zone have to be reconnected to a new valve? I'm really hoping the new guy finds some valves!

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Although I have had good luck finding valves by guesswork, the best thing to ask is if the locator coming out will do a wire trace. That will follow the wire to either the valve or a break in the wire which can be repaired then continue the trace to the valve.

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