Rose Rosette Disease on my new Angel Face?

mjc_molie(z6 CT)May 2, 2014

A few weeks ago I purchased a potted Angel Face rose at.. of all places... Home Depot. I was so shocked to see it there. I've been looking for this rose for several years! It was planted in the garden about 12 days ago and has since begun to sprout.

But I'm worried.... does this rose show evidence of RRD?
Today I took some closeup shots to show the thorn development and the red leaves and stems. The first photo is a bit blurry but you can see green leaves near the back of the plant. However, most of the new growth is red.

I have about 15 other roses in the gardens. I've seen red on new growth before, but for all my other roses, the leaves quickly turned green.

Thanks so much for any and all advice,

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seil zone 6b MI

That just looks like normal new growth to me. It isn't at all distorted in shape or size and isn't hyper-thorny or have any of the other characteristics of RRD. A lot of roses have very red new growth and as it matures it will green up. Actually your rose looks very healthy and growing vigorously.

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charleney(8a PNW)

It is beautiful new growth. With Angel Face , I sprayed and sprayed to no avail. I could not keep in clean.

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mjc_molie(z6 CT)

Thanks for the quick response, Seil, and for your assurance that my rose is healthy... not sickly.

Charleney, what was the problem with your Angel Face... black spot?... pests? I'm very curious to hear if AF has particular needs. That could be a problem.... my others get no special care. I hope she's not high maintenance. Hate to think that this new rose might pass along some bad habits to all my other roses!

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

It's been some years since I grew Angel Face, but in my memory it is undoubted the most BS-plagued rose I even tried to grow!

She was beautiful in bloom, however--but it wasn't worth fighting all that BS. I spaded her.


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mjc_molie(z6 CT)

Thanks, Kate... I'll keep an eye on her and see if she turns out to be a problem rose.


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I tried Angel Face about 4 different times, because I loved the colour and fragrance. Each rose was not strong, though purchased from different places, all prone to black spot and just weedy looking, not growing well at all. I tossed each of them eventually and didn't try her again. This was on the west coast of Canada, in B.C., I'd never attempt her in the moist Maritimes where I live now.

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seil zone 6b MI

My Angel Face is ancient, Mom bought it in the 60s, and even though she is a black spot magnet I wouldn't be without her. The blooms and fragrance are wonderful and even knowing she is virused she has wintered like a champ year after year. She has about a foot of green cane with buds starting to grow out there right now after this polar vortex winter when a lot of other, supposedly healthier ones, have nothing left but stumps! She has her problems but she is a trooper!

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mjc_molie(z6 CT)

Okay.... so it looks like I'll have to evaluate AF this season and see how she does.

I originally said that I give my roses no special care... no spraying because we live along a tidal river with lots of birds and animal life... no dusting, no fertilizing.... just renewed compost each spring and watering occasionally. We have a wide variety of roses, love them and try to be as organic/non-chemical as possible. But I can still recall the color ... the ruffled petals and fragrance of the Angel Face I grew about 30 years ago in my first home. Loved that rose!

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