Purple Robe in AZ??

kristellynnApril 4, 2007

We just got a beautiful purple robe tree today, with the intention of planting it in our front courtyard. It is blooming and is so beautiful right now....HOWEVER, after researching a bit on the tree we have some concerns. First, we can't find any info on this tree in S. AZ (Tucson to be exact), how well does it grow in our heat, how long will it bloom, how messy is it? Also we are concerned a bit about height of the tree as well as the roots...especially since our intentions are to place it in the courtyard, near fountain and not too far from a walkway. Thanks for any info/advice!!

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

zone 4 to 8 .... read up on the suckering ... and do NOT download the add on that comes with the page.. there ought to be a law ...

good lcuk


Here is a link that might be useful: i love google

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I suspect you'd do better with Robinia neomexicana - it is native to AZ so better adapted to the climate. Its foliage and flowers are similar to Robinia 'Purple Robe'.


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Are you not using Firefox? If not, download it and get rid of IE. IE is trash.

Also, download the add-on called "No Script". It's a lifesaver.

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