Craftsman 5 HP snowblower problem with self propelled/moving

narcsisussDecember 26, 2012

I recently bought a used craftsman self propelled snowblower. When I went to pick it up I made sure everything was working fine, all the gears worked, started fine, etc. I was having a problem loading it into my truck because it was so tall, so I took the wheels off it (just pulled the two pins on the ends). I took it home, put the wheels on it, started it up, and couldn't get it to move. I took the plate on the bottom off to see if there was a chain or something that might have slipped, but it only looks like there are sprockets. (here is the link to the diagram)

When I engage the traction plate, the gears spin, but there doesn't look like there is anything on the axle to cause it to spin. If I pick up the snowblower, I can spin the wheels with my hands. There appears to be a groove in the inside of the gear, and a groove on the outside of the axle. When I look at the diagram there is something called a HI-PRO key; which I don't seem to have.

Is this little key the missing piece that gives all the power to turn the axle? It's quite possible when i removed the wheels that it fell out if it's only held in place by friction. It's a $2.55 part, but has to be ordered. I've seen many posts about the friction plate and belts being a cause of self propelleds not moving; but those all seem fine.

I would have expected to see it more often in posts if it's something as simple as that, but I can't find anything about it. Maybe I'm not using the correct terms. Thanks for the help!

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Did you read page 16 of the manual?
It refers to a "klick pin" which is placed in different holes in the axle to determine if you want that wheel to drive.

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That key does fall out sometimes. If you remove the wheel pins and the axle moves too far to one side, it can fall out. You might find one at the hardware store or it may even be laying in the bottom cover area.

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