Lawn Watering Tips

DrakeHomesAugust 31, 2013

With lawn watering techniques being different based on where you live, these tips may not be spot on for every home owner, but we recently collaborated with our landscaping allies to write up a short article that highlights a few tips for watering your lawn.

With all the experts around here, we hope you enjoy, but we'd also welcome any additional ideas that we may have overlooked!

Here is a link that might be useful: Lawn Watering Tips

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Can you take construction comments?

1. "Many experts say that if you canâÂÂt water your lawn during the early morning hours, it might actually be best to not water the lawn at all". This statement is false or misleading. You should not recommend that someone do what you say or not water at all. Come on.

2. but weâÂÂve found irrigation systems can be a lifesaver in many cases. Irrigation does not save your life in any circumstances. Try not to emote but use logic.

3."When you water your lawn, the water should soak 6-10 inches into the soil". Good discussion of ideas but not informative on how much water should be applied to get that 6' - 10" zone filled with water. The amount of water as a general rule on average is one inch of water applied to the lawn if the depth is measured in a cup placed on the lawn. This is a water audit. Placing cups around your lawn will indicate your coverage for the irrigation system in place. This method is used by Landscaper to verify their design after the water-intensive grow-in period.

4. "For harder ground, consider watering for 30 minutes, wait 10 minutes, and water it for another 30 minutes. This will ensure deep penetration and avoid runoff. Along efficient lawn watering, youâÂÂll better understand how to treat the soil with other lawn care products". This is a very superficial statement and misleading. Soil type is very important in a design of an irrigation system. The systems operational intervals will be dictated by soil type. Hard ground also can be caused by compaction and a discussion of aerating the lawn for continued lawn health is warranted here.
5. "Once your lawn is properly settled, which can take 1-3 years for new sod, if you prefer to let your lawn go dormant in the hot summer months, the grass will be just fine". You assume everyone is using summer grass/ Bermuda. You need discussions of winter grasses like Fescue. It does not take 3 year to establish a lawn. What is needed is yearly maintenance(what is that? Ask the Grass Forum) for continued lawn health.

I feel an agenda here to sell something which to me is fine but don't use scare tactics of disaster and misleading statements. Most of this information is already here somewhere but it would be good if it was at your site as education material. If the details are correct it will sell itself and people will seek you out for more. Your site looks the same as countless others that use emotion rather than good factual agronomy facts. GL and JMHO Aloha

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