Drill Doctor?

tomplumDecember 17, 2013

I'm looking at them and it looks like you can spend as much as you want on one of these. If you use one or something similar, let me know your thoughts. I have a bunch of bits that are dull from using my old drill press.People seem to like them for touching up bits, but really how much damage can they take out? If a bit has gotten hot or chipped- will it ever be the same?

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I have been very satisfied with my Drill Dr 300. My habit from a metalworking background was to sharpen my bits on a Bench Grinder with a fresh dressed wheel. This was a challenge on bits below üâ which I would order vs the danger.

If I had/have broken or badly damaged bits I would dress them on the Bench Grinder 1st, then the Dr after getting a personal Drill Dr. I have used the Drill Doctor model 300 (from Sears I think) approx 20 years on my bits and friends. It has paid for its purchase price a few times.

I have gotten good service from re-sharpened bits as new. I have a 3/8â Harbor Freight bit that broke. Re-sharpened (on the bench grinder) it gives me two of the Tuff bits that will drill the high carbon steel.

BTW, Heavy Expanded Metal (supported) elevated on the fireplace floorâÂÂs two pipes has developed a new fireplace (related to Red Oak and All due to better air flow as the ash fall from the coals).

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Thanks for the info loger. I tossed 3 broken bits out in the last metal pile.Never thought they could be salvaged. ~ 1/2 bits too. Does your do cobalt bits and mason bits too? Personally, I've had just failures when touching up a bit onna wheel. The next guy w/ keen eye gets shavings every time!

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I used a Green Wheel on Carbide bits on the Bench Grinder that works vs Drill Dr! I know the feeling, have been there but practice payed off.

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I have a drill doc and it's not too useful on bits smaller than 1/8" mainly because you can't align them correctly, but it works well for 3/16 and up.

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