toro 2001 head issue

t_d_harvey(7)August 15, 2014

I have 2 of these heads on my system, each on different valves. They are both in a circuit with 5 heads total. The one in question is on a hill and I have been told that this head has a pretty stiff spring in it. The head rising is intermittent, sometimes it will pop on its on and other times it will get half way up and I have to pull it up by hand the rest of the way. I know it is a combination of being on a hill and residential pressure, but is there a work around that I may try to help sole the problem? I know I can replace the head to fix the issue, but I am liking the total area that the head covers.

The other head is in a lower lying area and has no issues at all.


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What is your system pressure? What is the vertical height difference between your water connection point and the water exit from the head? Since these are commercial rotor type you might try a smaller screw-in nozzle to reduce the pressure loss at the head and then run the head a longer time. Also are these new heads, return them after you checking the first two questions I asked. JMHO Aloha

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static pressure is 65 psi. The design pressure is 30 psi. Not quite sure on the exact height, but I would guess about 2-3 ft from the valve and probably another 1ft or 2 from the main.
Looks like the specs on this head are operating pressure of 40-60 psi. Do I base that off the design pressure or static pressure? So if I replace just the NOZZLE, I can compensate for the pressure loss at the heard? hmm I will try that.

I get these heads rather cheap, so I will probably keep it and possible place it in one of the more lower lying area, if I cannot get it to work in its current location.


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