McCulloch3.4 Eager Beaver or Timber Bear - No Oil To Chain

etbrown4December 11, 2011

No doubt the passage from the oil tank is plugged.

I've put a lot of air pressure on the tank but can't get any oil to exit.

I am sure the oil is supposed to exit right near the chain or sprocket, but I have not been able to identify the exact spot for further attention.

If anybody has a pic of the exit point for the oil that would be a big help!

These saws are well known for plugged oiler lines, so any tips would be appreciated!

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presurizing the tank usually does nothing if the grit that clogged the oil passages is hard, you will probably have to use carb. cleaner and cleaning brush or wire to unblock?

Does it have manual or automatic oiler? oil exit to chain should be no different. Should have oil slots, holes miled into the bar that aligns with slots holes in the saw side plate between the studs that holds the bar on for adjustments. I would try to google manual for your model see what you got.

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