Looking for bigger snow plow

tom_nwnj(z6 NJ)December 28, 2012

Hi, I have a 13-33" snowblower, which is fine for deep snows. But for small snows, and wet slushy stuff, I use a 3' blade attached to my TroyBuilt rototiller (5 hp). When standing out in the freezing rain trying to wrestle this thing around turns, it really gets old.

Paved drive is 500 feet + some parking areas.

I have a Honda CRV. See some companies make hitches and plows that apparently fit that auto. Costs ~ $1800. That's probably OK, but I just have to wonder, is this car designed to push 6" of snow. Meaning, will light plowing damage the tranny/differential, blow the head gasket, etc? Just wondering ...

Also own an old AG tractor. I could also buy a three point hitch blade for that. Price range- $200 to $600. But then I would still be out in the freezing rain, and probably plowing in reverse. Still not an optimal situation.

Also, what's the difference between steel snow blades, and those which have rubber squeegee tips. So I need a squeegee tip on my asphalt drive?

Thanks for any ideas/advice.

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I don't think you NEED a squeegee tip on your plow. All I know about plowing is that many full size trucks ruin their transmission by plowing snow.

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tom_nwnj(z6 NJ)

Thanks baymee, that's what I thought. Many years ago, machines were over-engineered, but no more. Now most machines will do what the advertising says, and not one more inch.

Think I gonna order one of these scraper blades. Price is right. It comes with a rubber squeegee on the tip.


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Tom: Your Crv would be adequate for homeowner plowing. It would be critical to have your transmission inspected prior along with the front end components shocks ball joints , tie rod ends along with universal joints etc. These parts are stressed to extreme limits when plowing.
Normally shocks and other servicable units are upgraded to allow servicing monroe magnum shocks and moog ball joints are an example of better than oem units when a plow is to be installed. I believe your crv probably has macpherson stuts a form of coil over spring shock design which come in a cartridge style . These can be rather pricy but are available in a replacment heavy duty unit. The additional weight of the plow assembly really taxs a Utility Automobile front end . Have plowed commercially but always with a 3/4 ton Truck . My last being a F-250 Diesel and mu current a Dodge 2000 Cummins. Both have more than paid for themselves over 15 ys of service life when maintained and operated properly .

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