Drip emitters or micro sprinklers for blueberry bushes

Bama_JoeAugust 10, 2014

I talked with the folks at DIG Corp and they suggested drip for my Rhodies and the azaleas or hydrangeas I will be adding out front. I talked about the backyard and they suggested micro sprinklers for my 13 young bushes. Is this the best route, or should I go with drip emitters? I wanted opinions from the folks that have been through this before, as I have no clue who I was talking to, nor their experience. Thanks for taking the time to read this!


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The key is getting a water plume to get to your roots zone. Either one will do the job, but your soil type is the most important to water moving through the soil. Is your soil more sandy or clayey? You will have to experiment with how long you have to water with drip. As plants age, their roots grow and more time is needed to irrigate them. There is no one regime fits all. JMHO Aloha.

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Thanks for the reply lehua. It is clay that I tilled and mixed with peat moss and mushroom compost for each one. So, although amended, clay surrounds.

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