Why to box covers have holes?

GW111August 29, 2013

Anyone know why irrigation control valve boxes have a hole in the top? I have a few old ones that do not. Anything I find any local stores all have a single hole.

I presume it is for convenience of lifting. I also wonder if it may help reduce moisture.

Regardless of the above, I see dirt drifting down through this opening and don't want it!

What's your opinion?

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Here is my opinion, only because I just posted a question about a control valve box: besides being able to use your finger to open, this hole could be a way for excess water to escape.

One of my boxes keeps filling up with water so this hole could be for overflow?? Again, my opinion only!

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Same reason there are holes in a manhole cover. A lever is used in the manhole lid (usually a pick or crow bar). The valve box lid is similar only on a smaller scale. It is for inserting a lever (usually a screwdriver or valve rod) to open the cover when dirt is compacted in the lid edge and the lid is almost impossible to open with a finger. JMHO ALoha

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