Hunter XC Controller problem

Ebart01August 27, 2011

First time posting!

I have a Hunter XC controller connected to 3 lines- the first two lines are for the lawn, and the third is for the shrubs. We had a power outage on the controller, and since power was restored I can't get the controller to recognize the third line in any of the menu options except "Start Times" (so no "Manual One Station", no "Run Times"). I set the start time, but nothing happened when it was supposed to start off. Anyone have a suggestion? The other two lines work fine.

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try resetting the controller by disconnecting the back-up battery and cutting power to the clock for 1 to 2 minutes. that will reset the factory defaults and should cure the problem, if not, try moving the station wire to another terminal.

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Ebart01 Did you find any resolution to the zone not being recognized? I am having the same issue, zone 3 wont show up anywhere. I am thinking of changing out the controller.

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