irrigating 5 ccres with a well of 28 gpm

bluejeans940(5)August 2, 2010

I am going to purchase 5 acres of land. It has a 28 gpm well. I wan to irrigate 4 acres and maintain a 1700 sq ft home. Will this be enough water to do this? Could you also offer suggestions on inexpensive irrigation systems to irrigate this land? Thanks, Don

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Hi BJ,
You haven't really provided enough guidance and information to provide you with a meaningful answer. Some more info might be:

1. Pump pressure.
2. How many people in your family using water.
3. How many water fixtures and type in your house.
4. Square feet of lawn.
5. Type of grass.
6. Square feet of other types of plantings.
7. Type of plantings.
8. Number of tress and types.
9. How many irrigation heads will you install.

  1. Type of system components from pump to house

You should do a water balance and add all the uses at peak times(highest peak usually in the morning) and see if it matches your gpm source. This is usually done by a professional licensed plumber, landscaper or civil engineer. Your water company may have a service to help you do this also. If you hire someone, you will get the answer quicker and probably more accurate. Aloha

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Well, for starters, I'd suggest calling the people at . Their tech reps are very helpful.

If you are planning beds in 4 acres, it's not really 4 acres, it's about 3/4 of that as there will be paths between the beds.

Or that's about 72,000 sq. feet.

In our area each sq. foot needs about .25 gallons a day

So you will need about 18,000 gallons a day.

If you pump 24 hours, you can pump about 25,920 gallons a day. That leaves PLENTY left over for a household. We use about 5,000 a month for the house.

Drip irrigation costs about 10 cents a sq. foot. I'd highly recommend a backup pump. Preferably gas in case you have a power failure. Honda makes a nice one for about $500. Stay away from the cheap ones.

Another question is how quickly your well water refills. Before committing to anything,I'd want to know how fast the well refills.

If you use something other than drip irrigation you will lose a lot due to watering the paths and evaporation. I don't think it would work.

Also, be sure you have a solid market for the food before planting it. That's the hard part.

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