Mantis 2 or 4 stroke?

exmarDecember 5, 2010

Have to replace my small tiller by spring and have decided on a Mantis. The 2 stroke has been around forever but have noticed there's a 4 stroke Honda available. This will only be used as a cultivator between rows in garden and for spot tilling in the wife's flower beds. I have a rear tine beast for the "heavy hauling."

I'm thinking the 2 stroke will do what I want it to and for about 25% less than the 4 stroke. Opinions?

Thanks and keep warm,


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The main reason for choosing 2-stroke over 4-stroke is that the 2-stroke engines are lighter in weight for a particular power rating. For chainsaws, the need for a high power-to-weight ratio is compelling. For lawn mowers, it is less so. For tillers, it is helpful if the engines are heavier, to help push the tines into the soil. Four stroke engines usually start easier and more trouble-free. If I could afford it, I would pick the 4-stroke Honda engine Mantis.


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Ex: Zen has more or less made my point for me . If you have the $$ go with the 4-Stroke for Extended Life Cycle also . If you are sure your usage will be limited as you have indicated and noise is not a factor go withthe 2-Stroke by all means . :)

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fredmertz(NW Indiana)

I consider myself fortunate to have bought a used 4-cycle Mantis for less than $200 this past summer. It is light enough to carry and heavy enough to bury itself if you wish. Starts easily and VERY quiet.

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I have the 4 stroke Honda 25cc. I have to agree with everyone, the 2 stroke is perfectly fine, if you have money to burn, go for the 4 stroke or even the new and bigger engine ( Honda GX31) to add a little weight. But what you described, 2 cycle is good. Don't think you get less on the 2 cycle, it is the well proven Echo 21.2cc engine that has been around forever, is using on the SRM225, GT225, all the hedge trimmers. We can have a debate whether the Honda engine really last long than this little Echo engine. This is speaking from one ( me) that own the Honda engine Mantis.

Buy direct from Mantis, their service is the best, I am so happy with their support, one year return, replacement with no hassel. You cannot beat this buying from anywhere else. Do a search on my post on Mantis for detail description. I would not save $10 and buy it anywhere else.

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Yungman : A Properly Maintained 4-Stroke by Design will outlast a Well Maintained 2-Stroke . Rings are the sacrificial Lamb on the Two Stroke while Valve Train is the Achilles Heel of the 4-Stroke :) However I agree 100% that the Echo engine is every bit as efficient and durable a unit as the Honda within design parameters. I just have found that the downside of the 2-Stroke is Life Cycle Reduction , Noise and Smell .

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Ever since I got my Mantis,(6 or 7 years ago),
(Lord, has it been that long?), I have called
it 'A Chainsaw For The Soil'. The way it chews
down through the soil reminds me of what a well
sharpened chainsaw does to wood. As a matter of
fact, my neighbor, up the street,came down to see
if I was cutting trees, while I was tilling my
garden. Yes, it is a little noisy, but it's not
an irritating noise. At least not to me.

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Yes, the Honda is very very quiet compare to the Echo engine which I have on the hedge trimmer. That Echo screams!!!! The Honda starts a little easier.

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