Craftsman riding mower problem

for2baokeJune 15, 2014

I have a model no. 917.271022 riding mower with a kohler 15.5 engine. My problem started several months ago when it would not restart, if I shut it off while it was hot. After it set awhile and cooled off it would restart. Now it might not start cold and it might start and run an unknown distance. Some times it will just die, like you turned the switch off. Then when you shut it off, it will not restart. Even if you only run from the shed up to the garage, about 50 feet. I have changed the gas. Changed the fuel filter. Changed the plug. Cleaned the air breather. Changed the gas line. Could this be a problem with a safety switch or with the ignition and if so, how do I check for this? Thanks.

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In your opening post, you don't mention whether you have actually checked to see if the engine is still producing spark when it will not run.
Check for spark when it will not run and post back with that.
Once it is known whether the problem is ignition related, or fuel related.......we can go into diagnosis of either.

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A bad or misadjusted seat switch on your SPECIFIC tractor can cause both the spark to be killed and the carb fuel solenoid to shut off.
Kind of a double whammy.

Make sure the seat switch is fully plugged in and the plunger has proper travel.

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Sounds like a coil to me. Though on these your fuel supply must be set up properly. 2505007s is the proper fuel filter and ideally should be used as too big of bodied filter or excessive fuel line can be problematic. Fuel cap vent hole open etc.

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Thanks for the information. Turned out to be the coil, aka- ignition module. When it did start, I carried an extra plug, then when it died I pulled the plug wire. Inserted the extra plug and grounded it. No spark. Works great now, though. Thanks again.

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I have a craftsman lawn tractor model 917.27681. It quit on me yesterday after spitting and a sputtering for a while. So today I invest in a new spark plug,fuel filter,air filter, oil, filter and new oil change. I put in the recommend amount of oil 56 oz. So I try starting it again, it did start but with a lot of smoke spewing from the the front, and lots of oil shooting out also. I checked dip stick and the oil showed to the the top. I drain oil until dip stick shows full. Now it won't start at all and is still shooting oil out from the front.

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You're missing a digit on the model number. Should be 917.276xxxx most likely.

Did you drain the old oil first?

Inspect the air cleaner element to see if it's "oiled up".

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I may have had a senior moment in changing the oil etc. yesterday. So today I made sure I emptied old oil etc. But it still does not start. On the flip side it is not spewing oil and the air cleaner has no oil. What do I do now?
The model # I posted is all I have on my operator manual .

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The full model# is probably under the seat.

I'd remove the spark plug.
Ground the lead and crank the engine over for 5-10 seconds to "blow" any residual oil out of the cylinder.

You might have to wipe any excess oil off the business end of the spark plug if needed.

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