Moving a control valve box

duffiecatAugust 29, 2013

One of our control valve boxes is at the bottom of a slope and fills up to the top when it rains from groundwater.

How hard/easy will it be to relocate the box to a higher point? What are the steps involved? This valve controls 3 sprayer heads and I guess I don't understand how they are all connected underground.


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Your best bet (cheapest solution) is to divert water around around the box with a shallow ditch or earthen grassed berm. The berm is good as long as the velocity of the water is not to great or concentrated when hitting the berm. Another solution is to raise the box above ground level so that water isn't running over the lid but around the sides. JMHO Aloha

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My question would be ... WHY?

As long as you have your wires weather proofed, the valve box filling with water is not an issue.

Other wise, you can cut the valve out, follow the main to higher ground, Tee into it, then re trace your steps back to the valve and tie into the line just beyond the old valve... re route your wire and you're good to go.

My thoughts are to put some grease caps on the valve wires ( hot and common ), make sure you have a top on the valve box and go sip on a cool drink.

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I guess the reason I would like to move it is that I worry if we have a huge storm, that the water would overflow out of the control box - and that water would land on our neighbor's property.

This box is located close to our property line but if moved higher, would be more into our property and shielded by a fence.

This is definitely something we can't do on our own (we are not very handy).

How much $ do you think it would cost to move the box? I live in NJ. This may also involve moving one of the spray heads.


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Only one way to find out. Have three landscape or irrigation contractor take a look at what you want and give you a quote. There are many too many variable to the cost in your local area for us to guess. Let the forum know the details of the quote and we can help you with selecting the best value. This is the way to go if you have not done this before. You will also get a warranty with the work from a licensed contractor. Make sure he is licensed and check the BBB data on all three. This method gives you control and peace of mind that there will be quality work. Oh yeah, don't pay until you inspect the completed work and are satisfied that the contractor did what you request. Have him/her demonstrate the work if moving a head or changed the drainage pattern. JMHO Aloha

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Thank you for the advice - I will follow it!!!

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