Seeking Blackjack Oak

Potawatomi13April 9, 2011

I chanced across this forum while looking for anyone selling Blackjack Oak(Quercus marilandica)or some viable acorns to grow them from. So far I have had no positive results but there was a list of posts here from someone seeking the same tree a few years back.

Please can any one give me a source or sources to contact for seedlings or acorns. I will follow up all leads and many thanks for ANY help.

Bill Kohler

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Oikos Tree Crops has them. They also sell many other rare plus hybrid oaks.

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Sorry, I thought oikos had them but I guess they dont. Still a nice place to check out. Shooting star nursery is actually the one that has them click on the link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Shooting Star Nursery

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I am curious why you want to grown them. Indulge me if you care to :)

Also I have ordered a few things from SSN. Very nice people to talk to and they shipped my trees very fast.

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I recieved acorns last fall from someone on here and I can't remember who. They were sent along with Quercus imbricaria seed. I can look to find this info but I don't know if it would be worth it to you unless you can't find the tree for sale, being that you'll have to wait til next fall for the acorns. My seeds haven't emerged yet and probably won't til May. If I have extras and you can wait til fall I can try to keep an extra for you.

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It was gardener365 that sent me the blackjack oak acorns, I dug around in the archives.

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

Bill, you've got email.

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