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rjsfishinJune 13, 2014

I just scrapped a 3 yr old 30" Weedeater rear eng rider. I loved the 30" part of it, but that all.
So as not to make the same $800 mistake again, which single blade rider do I buy? From what little I've read, the Crafsman/Troybuilt is not much better than this weedeater.


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dmoore66(6 NorthWest NJ)

Cub Cadet CC30 was rated better in Consumer Reports, but none were rated very good.

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Snapper Rear Engine Rider. Been around for more than 30 years. Built like a tank. Highly reliable. A family member had one that lasted over 25 years, and was still running when taken over by a neighbor. Do a search of the Lawn Mower Forum for comments.

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25 - 30 years for a Snapper RER is not long. I quit selling them about 25 years ago because the demand had dropped off. That said, like vertually everything else, today's Snapper RER is NOT the quality of the 40 year old ones.

Walt Conner

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With a design proven over many decades the Snapper RER, even built to today's standards(?), would be a smart choice with a decent warranty and at a reasonable price.

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Asking a question here: Was at WalMart the other day and saw Snapper LT's for sale? I always thought that Snapper was a notch or three above typical WalMart price point and quality?

Just wondering if they've been taken over by MTD or someone like a lot of the older quality stuff has been?

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Snapper was acquired in 2002 by Simplicity Manufacturing which was subsequently acquired by Briggs & Stratton in 2004

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if you are looking for a quality snapper, go to a lawnmower shop that carries the brand. The snappers in Walmart and the ranch stores are designed for lighter service.

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Don't worry about whether you buy at a big box or a dealer. DO WORRY about the model. If you can get the same Model from the dealer at a better price than the big box go with the dealer. If you get a better price at the big box go with the store.

When I say model number I do not mean the marketing model but the model number from the id plate on the tractor. ie if you can buy Craftsman 917.271141 at the big box for half what you can buy the same Craftsman 917.271141 at Sears go with the big box. (Yes I know we were not talking about Sears tractor but I did not know the exact model number of other brands.)

When looking at a tractor consider who will service the warranty on the tractor. If the big box has contracted joe blow and his son to do the warranty work I would avoid that tractor. Or if you are looking at a tractor and the big box has a contract with the local tractor dealer to do the warranty work it make little difference if you buy from the dealer of the big box strore.

PS It is my understanding that when John Deere sells through a big box store, the local John Deere dealer always provide the warranty service. I know the local JD dealer has a sticker on every JD tractor at the big box stores around here.

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Same here as Rich, the transmission on my John Deere JS61 walk behind mower just died and was too expensive to repair. I got lucky and replaced it with a nice used Honda self propelled mower but I find the 3 hour long mowing, whacking and edging is taking too long and my age, aches and pains have me looking at one of two snapper RER's. The dealer has one old-style brand new snapper RER left and all the new ones...Like Rich, what to buy?

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