Stihl FS-61 trimmer WT-38-1 carb install

mvronDecember 24, 2013

I got a new carb for the Stihl fs-61. Questions:
Is the intent of the choke - the long tube - to be operated manually at run time. I assume that the original choke lever on the air claner cover would have to be left open if this new choke lever is going to work. The black block between the carb and the engine block has a nibble on one side of the block. Does the nibble side of the block set against the engine? Seems like that's the only way it will fit. The nibble seems to fit on the left side of one of the slots on the engine. I got the gasket part 41171290501 that is supposed to fit between the black block and the engine. The holes in the gasket don't seem to line up with the carb\engine holes. I can make the holes if that would work.

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Can you post pictures of the matters or links online? Pic will help w/o having the trimmer/carb to see the issues.

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I'll get some pics up tomorrow.

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With the choke, the flap that turns when u turn the shaft - turn it to block the passage when starting, open as the motor is running. The carb u got does not have a "handle" does it, and just the shaft right?
On the plastic block, the pin faces the engine, yes - it is so that it lines up properly. With this motor it doesnt matter (becuase it only has 1 fuel hose) but there is a small hole below the air passage in the engine block. this small hole will line up with a same hole in the black block.

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Correct, does not have a handle. So the choke automatically opens up as the motor runs - like an autochoke? thanks the_outsider. I'll just make some holes in the gasket that fits between the black block and the engine - the heat gasket.

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No, the choke is not automatic. You need the handle on the end of the shaft so that u can turn it as well as show u what position it is in. R u still using the original air filter holder that has a choke built in?? cuz as i noted before- the holder choke
will butt heads with the carb choke.
Your gasket looks like it was from the TK carb off the old FS80.
being the holes of the fs6x is at 3 and 9 oclock. U can still just drill new holes.

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Why don't they ship the handle with the carb? Where do you get the handle? I am using the original air filter that has the the original choke lever on it. What should I do with the original choke lever? Thanks for all the ideas.

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Unless they show in the diagram that it includes multiple parts, thats it. for a workaround, u could just take a piece of wood, drill a hole for the shaft so that it is snug and tap it on and\or glue it with some epoxy.
I recall when u first posted on your stihl, u already had this carb. I thought you were going to return this one for a one without the 2nd choke?

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I thought I was going to get that one also. I tried two different places - got the same one both times. Gave up and will try to use what I have. Thanks again for the tips. Haven't worked on it yet. Waiting for a another gasket from the Stihl dealer.

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Well, u know it would be easier getting your hands on the correct original type of carb (or the alternative one i mentioned i use). I looked through my pile and i guess i tossed my orig carb or i could send it to u.

With the one u have, check the other end of the choke shaft- if the shaft goes all the way through and has the eclip on the other end, u could just unscrew the choke flap and use the carb u have. -or- if u remove the choke u could put a plug in the shaft hole, but again - modding this to work is just more work....

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