Old jack

LloydDecember 13, 2013

Anybody know any kind of history about this jack? Age, what it's used for, etc?



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Disregard, bumping this down...found out it is some kind of ox wagon jack. Have no idea why I have one but apparently that is what it is.


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It appears to be similar to what is listed on the above URL as a 1800s Conestoga Wagon Jack. There are several other places where it is called the same

The Conestoga Wagon could carry 8 tons of freight. With the size of a Conestoga wagon they would need a heavy jack especially if the wagon was loaded when the wheel had to be removed.



From the plctures it looks like you have a great collection of antique farm tools. Are you associated with a museum, or did you just clean out a building on your farm?

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Lol, not a museum. I still use some of the old farm machinery but the jack was laying around one of the tractor sheds we started cleaning out this fall. The wagon wheels have been up in the loft of the barn for years. The ice box came from a relatives cabin when they sold the property. The manure spreader we found in a guys yard and fixed it up a bit and the plows have been laying around for years. One of them belonged to my grandfather and we want to restore that one.

We are always on the lookout for winter projects but half the time we don't know what we've found until I get a chance to do some research.


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