Ariens Sno Tek 24 --won't move

ldj44December 8, 2009

I just bought a Sno Tek 24; the blower works fine; the engine starts easily; feels like a very solid machine. But-- it won't move. I would up removing the Axel lock pins and pushing it around the driveway, slightly more exercise than I bargained for. Trouble shooting guide says friction disc or traction belt need replacing; seems kind of strange for a brand new machine. Any ideas? Thanks.

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rtm. rtm. Read the manual.yOU PROBABLY HAVE TO adjust the belts, especially if u bought at a big box store.

Did you squeeze the squeeze the hand control?

My guess is that it is a loose belt.

Good luck

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If I just bought a $1000 snow thrower and I had a problem with it, I would call the store or the manufacturer. You should not have to tinker with anything, that's why you bought new.

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scottychaos(Western NY)

Its not a $1,000 snowblower..its a $500 snowblower.
and unfortunately, yes, you do often have to tinker with things, if you buy them from the big-boxes..

The employees at Home Depot (or Lowes/Walmart/Etc) who assemble these machines are utterly clueless..16 year old high school kids have no idea how to put together a snowblower properly..its very likely there will be adjustment issues..

if you buy a new machine from an independent dealer, it would be flawless..first, they would assemble it properly, then they would test it before you buy it to make sure all is well..not so at the big boxes..

having said that..its probably something minor..
probably a loose should take it back, see if they can fix it..(risky proposition, considering they didnt built it right in the first place! ;) or they might just swap it and give you another machine, which might be better..(thats probably what you should ask for..they sold you a machine that doesnt work..they should just give you another one) could also take it to a dealer..ask them what they would charge to set it up properly.. (assuming there is no actual defect..if there is, you should just get a new one from the place you bought it..)
but having a knowledgeable technician set it up properly might be worth the price..personally, I would never go to a big-box for service..

yes, ideally this should never happen..
but its not an ideal world..the big boxes simply arent very good at service, its not what they do. they only sell things..they dont know anything about what they sell..
sad but true..

IMO the problem probably isnt the machine..
its the place you bought it..


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These are the second line Ariens built by MTD with Chonda power. You'll find adjustments in the manual I'm afraid, that's the real difference when you buy from an OPE dealer.

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"These are the second line Ariens built by MTD"
I dont believe that is true.
Could you show some proof too verify your claim?

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scottychaos(Western NY)

"These are the second line Ariens built by MTD"

that is incorrect..
they are not built by MTD.

yes, the Sno-Tek machines do have Chinese engines..
a first for Ariens..
but the rest of the machine, the whole snowblower body itself, is 100% Ariens, built at the Ariens plant in Wisconsin..same as any other Ariens.

this information comes directly from the Ariens company.


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Does Ariens service the engine parts through their parts distribution?

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Ariens owns Stens which will handle the engine parts. (LCT engines.)
I would guess that parts would also be available thru Ariens as well, but an Ariens dealer would be a better source for that information.

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Interesting. I thought that it was a good business relationship when Ariens bought Stens. An interesting relationship none the less.

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Sorry I meant to say that they looked MTD-ish which is a good thing, I think they make a great product. I stumbled on a news article with H.D. and Dan Ariens who said that the relationship with LCT was originally difficult to establish with more than 300 Chinese engine manufacturers but parts support is excellent. This is the era of mergers and aqusitions. Now you have Gravely, Ariens, Stens, and Ever ride under one roof.

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This is the first december that I can remember walking into Home Depot and not seeing it completely loaded with snow blowers. They had some, but not nearly like they usually do.

Anyone else notice that or just my store?

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IT's because the big snow fall in buffalo. Home Depot sent their stocks their instead of states where snow fall hasn't happened yet. We had to drive all the way to PA to get out Snow Tek 24" with electronic start paid $387 instead of the $599 since it was a display model that got repaired because of the recall and millitry discount

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My machine was used less then 2 hours and wouldn't move , here is what I found a broken friction disc on a brand new machine

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