Placement of sprinkler valve boxes

lindseylouAugust 21, 2014

We just had sprinklers installed and upon completion, discovered the two valve boxes are in really horrible places. One is literally in the middle of the backyard and the other is literally next to our sidewalk as you walk up to our front door. The sprinkler guy never even asked us or mentioned where they were going, my husband was working during installation, and I was busy with my two year old and did not notice. Is this normal placement? Are we crazy for being really upset? Does anyone know if these can easily be moved or do all the lines need to be re dug? Just need more info before we call and say something. Thanks!

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Depending on where your sprinklers are located, there will be a specific correlation to that. In order for the system to run properly and have balance, the valves are in a specific spot for a reason. The system is usually designed before installation on what is best for your yard based on pressure and placement. For instance, if your valves are in a spot that is not adherent to this design, it may cause issues with the valves and sprinklers in the long term. If the pressure is too great or not balanced properly, things can explode and lines can crack.

If you are truly unhappy, you can contact the installer or his supervisor and ask for the rhyme and reason. Just politely have them explain why he chose those spots. Remember the saying that goes "don't be rude to the people who handle your food" in a restaurant? The same applies here. It will not get you far with a contractor to be angry with him. Because he was the one that installed it, you may be dealing with him later down the road, and you need to keep your relationship professional and friendly.

Since you were not there, he probably just did what he thought would be best for your system. You will probably need to pay him for the job if they are able to be moved to a location and you want that to happen. That job will be a lot of work. Because, like I said, you want to keep your relationship friendly, so refusing to pay him for extra work may cause issues in the long term. When you run into a problem later, it is better to have him around because he will know your system the best. A sprinkler system is a long term committment. Would you rather have a doctor operate on you that you have known since birth or would you want a random doctor you just met to cut you open?

Another alternative if they can't be moved is to spray paint the valve boxes green.

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Every sprinkler installer seems to do valve boxes differently. There's no good reason for the boxes to be placed in awkward locations other than these were these easiest spots for the installer.

In some areas it's surprisingly normal for irrigation valve to be located without regard to esthetics. Even in expensive, professionally planned landscapes. I don't know why people accept this type of thoughtless work.

The boxes aren't moveable now without significant effort.

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Thanks guys... We did call and he was quite angry (my husband was very nice about it). He refused to move the backyard one but understood about the front one and said he can move it three ft. We are satisfied with this since that will allow us to move forward with our new front walk design. I was home during the entire installation and am still boggled to why he did not check in with me or why he thought putting this giant green eye sore next to our front sidewalk was a good idea.

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Hope it works out!

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