General Question: How long do you water w/ your drip irrigation?

jpe118(z6 SE PA)August 1, 2008

I am a first year 'dripper'. I have drip line set up (at .5gph) on my tomatoes/peppers/cucumbers/beans. I also have .5gph button drippers on some ferns. I'm adding more soon, but IN GENERAL... how long do you leave your system on for a small veggie garden. I know there are lots of variables... just looking for an average to go off of. I've been leaving it on for 1-2 hours lately, but in the middle of the summer, i feel like that may not be enough. I live in zone 6 SE Pennsylvania.


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Hi jpe,

At least you know how much water you are putting on each plant and how long it takes. That is a big step forward. You probably should post to the tomatoe or vegetable forum to get more precise water amounts. I know about tomatoes, a rule of thumb is 1.5 gal every three days. But this depends on soil drainage, size of root system, heat, mulch etc. Trial and error is your best bet. Keep soil moist but not wet. Water infrequently but deeply. The sticking your finger in the soil and watching the plants will let you know when it is time to water. It won't take long to get a routine set up. Thick mulch stabilizes soil temp., saves water, control weeds and conditions the soil. Good luck. Aloha

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