ms 361 carb help

woodchuck1(6ny)December 19, 2010

I just got a ms 361 on ebay whhen i got it I started it right up no problem seems to run real good ,the idle was hi so the chain kept spinning I lowered the idle seemed good ,now I took it out cutting just cant seem to get the idle just right I had to adjust the low speed all the way lean (not that you have much adjustment anyway ) it idles fine for a minute or so then it drops down and sometimes stalls ,i have an old 026 and a huskey 372xp and they could idle all day if i wanted to . any ideas ?? thanks

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Ensure you have all the basics covered. Ebay New or used ? Either way later Manufactured MS-361 Models have the same Starting and Idle Issues as the Newer EPA Carb Regulated 362 Models . In a nut shell try some tried and proven solutions . 1st use only 89 Octane Minimum Fresh Fuel . 2nd ensure your tank is full and air filter / fuel filter and spark plug are new . 3rd add 2 ounces of your favorite fuel cleaner / conditioner , I trust lucas Top End Cleaner / Lube. 4. Properly warm up the saw (3-4 minutes) Set the Low Speed Jet adjustment 1 to 1-1/4 turns out check acceleration , saw should not bog . 5. High speed is set from factory , normally does not need tweaking . Sometimes re-jetting by experienced individual . If all is as it should chain should be attempting to turn , this is where you tweak the idle or curb idle adjustment as they say in the auto industry . This adjustment is the last when saw is completely warm to ensure a smooth and consistent idle , in almost any saw position .

Note: The reason for fuel treatment advice is many saws are currently being sent to dealers fully fueled and ethanol can cause performance issues within fuel circuit restriction and poor idle and starting . Secondly if slightly been used stabil may not have been used by previous owner prior to storage and your purchase . Let us know how you make out Bro ...E :)

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was tinkering with the saw today at home seems to be idling good and running good but i didnt take out cutting again yet ,I decided to give it a good cleaning ,when i took the covers off it has four broken cooling fins i hope it isnt acting up because it is getting to hot ...............yikes

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Ok were talking used unit ! Broken Fins ...your not getting off to a good start . Check Ebay for a Parts Replacement or local dealer for slightly been used Bro :)

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strelnikov(NE IL)

Any way to easily tell an early 361 from a later 361?

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