Any Hunter Pro-C controller experts out there?

jhschlakAugust 11, 2005

I have the hunter pro-c controller, it has been working perfectly until I tried to set up a second program. I have my normal routine on program A, and I set up on program B for one zone to run 10 minutes twice a day. But for some reason program B will not operate. I have double checked and triple checked everything eg. am/pm, it is set to program b, rain sensor is not activated etc. When I go back to program A, the system works fine.

My questions are: Can I set it up for it all to run on program A (that is, run all 6 zones in the morning, then only run 1 zone at 1pm and 7 pm)? What am I not doing correctly in setting up program B?

Thanks to anybody who can help.


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I'm not an expert by any means, but make sure the program B start time(s) aren't overlapping the run time of program A. Also, check to see that you have program B set to run the specific days you want (odd, even, all, etc) - in addition to the B start times and individual zone watering duration times - it won't default to the days that program A is running. The answer to your "all to run on program A" question is No. If you double check everything and convince yourself it's right, you might want to try resetting the controller.

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My A program runs at 5am, and the B program runs at 1pm and 7pm. I have it set to run everyday. When I am running just one zone, I have the other zone times set to 0. I believe this should be the correct setting. How would I go about resetting the controller if I need to do this?

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I'm at work, but see below off the Hunter web site - you'd have to reprogram EVERYTHING if you go this route. Go here if you want to see the manual: The reset procedure is part of the Hidden Features.

Have you tried manually running Program B just to be sure the zone and watering time is correctly set?

4) Clearing ControllerÂs Memory/Resetting Controller

If you feel that you have misprogrammed the controller, there is a process that will reset the memory to factory defaults and erase all programs and data that have been entered into the controller. Press the right arrow, - , PRG and the buttons simultaneously and hold them down, while they are being held down, press and release the RESET button on the back of the front panel. Then release the , , and the buttons. The display should now show 12:00 am. All the memory has been cleared and the controller may now be reprogrammed.

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I have another question about Pro-C controllers.

I have a 9 unit module addition in my controller with a remote controll unit. I set everything up and tested it with the remote. I mistakenly put the 9 unit into the top part of the controller so that i have 15 stations showing with nothing on 4,5 & 6. But everything worked with the remote. I programmed the unit to run the next morning, but only 3 stations worked.

I checked out the unit and now only 3 units are showing up on the unit. I reset the unit severally ways.---reset button on back---3 keys plus reset button---disconnected 9 unit module, having removed all power including batteries. I then powered up and then turned off and reconnected 9 module---still only 3 stations. I put the 9 unit module in lower slot adjacent to 3 unit---no change---i moved back up to top---still nothing

any ideas would be appreciated.

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"I checked out the unit and now only 3 units are showing up on the unit."

I'm not really sure what this means...but if you imagine Dan Akroid saying it deadpan, it sounds really funny!

But, seriously, use the "Quick Check" function as a start. Press (+(), (-), (left arrrow), (right arrow)SIMULTANEOUSLY.

Press (+) to begin the test.

If it finds a short, it will say ERR for the zone.

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I have been looking at this controller for purchase and looking at the information on their website. I'm not sure I am right but from what I can tell, the controller comes with 3 stations. You have to have one of the 3 module units in the first slot then you add the one 9 module unit in the last slot. I don't think the system knows how to 'see' the 9 module unit in anything but the last slot and you have to fill the first slot before the last slot is 'seen'. I included the link below. The top of the document seems to indicate that is the way it is designed. You might call Hunter to ask.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hunter Pro-C specification sheet

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I have a Hunter Pro-C controller watering system. The display screen is stuck at "OFF". I can manually water All Stations but when I turn the dial back to RUN it just displays "OFF" instead of the Time )Time & Date are def programmed correctly).
Please help if you can.

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I have an issue with the Hunter Pro-C. We had a lightning storm and shorted out the controller. Since then I replaced the controller with a new face, but when I plug it in zone 1 will start even when it is set into the off psoition. What could the issue be and anyone know how to resolve it?

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Well my 2 year old Hunter Pro C failed with two stations on. Even after clearing the memory and resetting the controller, stations 1 and 2 are stuck on, even with the controller in the OFF position. This is unacceptable behavior for a controller. Failing OFF is fine, failing ON means immediately return unit to store and buy a different brand. This drained my 10,000 storage and damaged my pressure pump. Not good. Not recommended.

Here is a link that might be useful: Homes in Scottsdale AZ

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Pro-C controllers seldom fail. If 2 zones are on and the clock is off or unplugged, it's your valves, not the controller.

Pro-C controllers read "off" when an automatic rain shutoff has suspended watering.

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I found this thread when looking for a solution to our Pro-C controller box apparently not working. The wording on the screen was gibberish (to me). I was sweating bullets thinking we were in for a major repair bill...didn't know where the problem was. My husband said, "before we call anyone, let's see if it has a reset button". It does, we reset it IT'S FIXED! WHEW! Just thought I'd post this here AND bump up this thread in case someone else is looking for a fix for their Pro-C controller box.

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Anyone have a picture of the inside of the front panel, taken apart?
This would be for a Pro-C PC-300i

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Check out this link to a operators manual:


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I have a Hunter Pro C controller. It is about 9 months old and operated perfectly last summer. This spring it has developed a problem. I only program Station A and there are 12 stations. When I program it to water....It cycles through all 12 stations correctly. When it completes the last station, it shuts down. Then in one minute, it starts up again and runs through the complete 12 station cycle again.My thought was that I had accidently programmed the controller to do this so I reset it and re-programmed it, but it still continues to start through another cycle right after the first cycle has ended. Does anyone have an idea what may be causing this? I would appreciate any help you can give me. Thanks.

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Was this controller installed by a contractor? aloha

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I did a more thorough search and found the answer as to why my Hunter PRO-C Controller was starting a new watering cycle immediately after the initial watering cycle ended. This is a great site.


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Hi -

I have a Hunter Pro-C controller (it's at least 6 or 7 years old) that is mysteriously running my irrigation on days and times that it is not programmed to run. I've triple checked that I only have one start time for each program, and because I'm in CA and we're limited to watering on just Mondays and Thursdays, I've triple checked that each of the 3 programs is schedule to run on only those 2 days. Yet, I hear sprinklers turning on in the wee hours of the morning on other days, and sometimes I come home to a wet garden in the late afternoon. It makes no sense. Any ideas? I've thought of doing a factory rest to see if it's just hanging in to some old programming or some such, but my schedules and programs are complex, so I'd love to avoid that if possible. It's like it's possessed! No rain sensor is installed on this system - not that it would help - we haven't had real rain in months.

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Double check your current date and time. Double check that Monday and Thursday are the only days without circles.

How many stations do you have?
Start Time 1 should have a time and Start Times 2 thorugh whatever should say OFF in each program.
Which stations are on which program?

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