And the award for the ugliest foliage goes to...

mxk3(Zone 6 SE MI)June 22, 2014


Oh my goodness the foliage of this plant is butt-ugly! I very much like the flowers, though - so I use the old hide the eyesore behind other plants trick. I saw a different variety with deeper, richer-colors flowers than Butterfly Blue and bought them yesterday, hid them behind some lamb's ears -- I'm enjoying the blooms rising up behind the lamb's eye but don't have to look at that mess of foliage.

This area is a little sparse at the moment, I'm waiting for the hibiscus and the butterfly bush and B&B salvia to fill in, but I do like the shot of purple here:

Close-up of the weedy foliage:

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It's not as ugly as this.

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mxk3(Zone 6 SE MI)

LOL! I'm sure his mama loves him :0)

(that's not your dog, is it?)

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No, the ugliest foliage is on my alliums.... I hate the foliage as much as I love the flowers... I don't have picture of the foliage, but I will try to make one tomorrow. Sure much uglier than your scabiosa...

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

I have a real contender with two Deinanthe bifida. I brought them from my old garden, installed them last Fall in a newly prepared site, back side of a triangular bed that has a path behind. The other plants across the front and in center aren't going to be large enough this year to give them enough protection and shade - think crispy crittered.

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GreenHearted(5a IL)

The purple looks great with the Stachys!

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I'll probably get my rear end kicked for this but Daylily foliage is ugly and messy looking to my eyes at any time of the year. It has to be right up there among others on the top of the list.

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TexasRanger10 - daylily foliage may be ugly where you are, which makes me sad for you, but here in the northeast it's an elegant fountain of green throughout the growing season. I can't think of any perennial in my garden that has ugly foliage once it finishes blooming.

Okay, I confess--I don't grow Scabiosa and I stopped growing oriental poppies because they DID have wretched looking foliage once the blooms faded.

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Don't be sad-- plenty of people love the heck out of them & there's no shortage of them around the city, the foliage looks exactly like all the online photos I've ever seen. Its not a big deal because I really don't think about it too much.

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