WAHOO!!!! for Munstead Wood

andrearkMay 1, 2014

I put in a post recently saying that my new (was a barerood) Munstead Wood
was the same color as Youn Lycidas. Not for long!!!

He is now so dark the blooms almost look black in the center. What a beauty.
And in that bed, I have MW, Lady Emma, Scepter'd Isle, Molineux, Gertrude J.,
and Wm S. 2000.

Talk about a sweet smeeling rose bed!. I also have Falstaff there. But he figures
that he is so beautiful, he doesn't have to bother with fragrance.


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I'd love to see a photo of your Austin bed!

I'm hoping to find Munstead Wood around here this spring at a local nursery - I have a special place for it!

Enjoy your rose gardens!


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Sylvia Weiser Wendel

I planted a Munstead Wood from Austin, bare-root, this year and had a short but lovely flush. I mean short -- we're talking two weeks.
I talked to a gal who gave a talk on Austins this past weekend at Otto & Sons Rose Days,and she said, "Munstead Wood is not a particularly vigorous rose." I don't mind if the bush stays small -- it's supposed to, and besides it's in a container -- but I sure would like more flowers.
Darcey Bussell, which I bought in a 3-gallon, has been blooming for 3 weeks with no sign of stopping, and its fragrance is almost as nice as Munstead's.
Oh and by the way, my Falstaffs (I have 2) haven't flowered once this year. Not once. They do get partial afternoon shade -- are yours in full sun?

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

Andrea--so happy to hear that Munstead Wood came through. Although the pics of the lighter colored MWs were quite attractive, let's face it--what we really adore about MW is its dark moody but glowing shades. It will be interesting to hear whether other owners of MW who complained about lighter initial colors on it discovered the darker shades also as the rose matured.

My MW, planted in the garden, is not a weakling, but in fact quite vigorous for a shorter plant--and was quite prolific last summer. Hasn't bloomed yet this year--just a couple blooms on Home Run so far.

Enjoy your MW--one of the loveliest Austins in my garden and I hope in yours.


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