Did this tree make it through winter? Pics

lindsrocApril 5, 2013

We planted this last summer. We bought it at Home Depot, it said it was an eastern redbud. I do not see any buds forming, but I did scratch some of the bark and it is green. Is this dead, or on its way out? If so, can it be saved? Or do these normally leaf out later in the season? Thanks

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Another view....

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toronado3800 Zone 6 StLouis(6)

A younger one in my yard obviously is coming to life. The old ine and the one in the shade not yet.

I bet since you have green it will be fine. A couple weeks will tell though!

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

first.. figure out how to post upright..

and if you did.. say so.. and i will send it to GW.. i wish they would fix this issue ....

next.. my z5 ground is still frozen in spots ..... way to early to come to any conclusions on death.. give it .. AT LEAST.. another month ... toronados St L z6 .. may as well be mars.. lol ... though the zone is close.. its how far south he is ..... his min winter temp is close to us.. but spring comes much earlier for them ... if their soil freezes at all ....

redbud flowers early.. but leaf out a few weeks later ...

way to early to tell...

and.. we dont plant leafed out trees in SUMMER .... but we will teach you that in the other post..

and if it was a late summer bargain .. well.. most arent.. a bargain ....

if this is a warranty issue.. you didnt state such ...

i am waiting for a reply on the other post... lol


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Maybe. Take that bamboo off today. Better yet, 4 months ago.

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Ken... It was upright when i posted!!! lol. Last time they were upside down, now they are sideways. What is going on?

And ok on the bamboo :)

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