New Osiris Ligularias....

christinmk z5b eastern WAJune 15, 2011

Both gardengal and CPG mentioned in another post that they had grown a couple and were not impressed. Stupid me, I forgot to inquire further about them then. What kind did you guys grow and in what ways were you not impressed with them? Anyone out there that has been impressed?

How come we are not seeing more of these out yet? According to Verschoor Perennials 'Osiris Cafe Noir' was introduced in 2008 along with 'Osiris Pure Fantaise'. I see several sites offering 'Cafe Noir' online, but not the other. They also said in 2009 'Chameleon', 'Evolution', and 'Pistache' were introduced in the Osiris series.

How long should it take from time of introduction for these plants to make it to nurseries?! Or are they being sold in Canadian nurseries now and will just take longer to get to the US? I am hoping it will not be long since I would dearly love to get my hands on a couple of those variegated ones. If it does I may get desperate and have to smuggle some ligs in from Canada, LOL.

Thanks for any extra info you can give!

Ps. Here are some additional links if anyone wants to see some of the new Osiris ligs out there/in development:

Ligs at Lucs Perennial World

More Lig pics at Graham Rice's blog


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They're beautiful!

I haven't seen those at any nurseries I've visited here in Vancouver, BC.

Love that 'starry eyes' brunnera and the others brunneras as well.

I also just saw a photo today of a variegated actae that I'd not seen before.

Oh, if only I were a rich woman....


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Thyme2dig NH Zone 5

Christin, They're definitely for sale in NH at this point. I picked one up last year and it was mis-labeled as an aruncus. I posted on the Name That Plant forum and they mentioned it was 'Cafe Noir'. I absolutely love it and I wish I had bought a few of them. This year I just picked up another one at a local nursery and it was labeled as possibly 'Fantasie'. I don't have the label handy. It looks a lot like what I though was 'Cafe Noir'. I love the leaves and especially the underside. I could do without the flowers actually but they're pretty nonetheless.

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christinmk z5b eastern WA

-Susan, have you seen any of the variegated ones up your way? I have seen 'Fantasie' sold here for a few years but none others.

Great foliage! Are your pics of the possible 'Cafe Noir' or your new one? From online pics the two look very similar, except CN has that bronze-beige to olive color.

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Thyme2dig NH Zone 5

Christin, Still haven't seen any of the variegated ones. This one is supposed 'Cafe Noir'. My newer one definitly looks slightly different but VERY close.

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