Snow King Carb rebuild.

andyma_gwDecember 25, 2010

Ive been playing with Tecumseh carbs forever, but This is the first time I removed the welch plugs and ran a piece of 24 awg solid wire into the holes in them. I oiled the seat and put it in along with a new needle valve and main jet. A Tecumseh carb kit and a can of carb cleaner. I set both jets 1 1/2 turns out, and the engine started easily. I am pretty sure that I have fixed the flooding over trouble. I let it set with the shut off open and went inside. I came back an hour later and there were no drips. I started it almost by accident whilst cocking the rope. Every season I refine the matched set of freebies a bit more. Its mate got a new belt too.

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Sounds like now you are TEC carb. expert! As most of us know carb. gets gummed up over time and require this routine maintenance especially after the equipment sets for months. I also got amany power tools out of the trash that just required carb. maintenance.

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I think I sheared the fly wheel key on t'other one. It has spark and fuel, just doesnt catch after running poorly like it had water in the fuel. The snow was like Italian ice in texture. It was working hard and then it started back firing. I tried to restart with the pull but it pulled back. Third try and the string broke. Plugged the starter in and it just cranked and puffed, but wouldnt catch.

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