help flushing chainsaw oil tank

dawglover(z6 Boston)December 11, 2011

In my first attempt at chainsaw repair, I've just replaced the oil pump on my Dolmar PS6400 (Makita DCS6401). The old one was clogged and immobilized by gray-black gunk --- probably the result of using automobile oil as bar & chain oil. (Ignorance. I figured that if 5W-30 is good for trucks, it must be good for chainsaws.)

I've drained the oil tank, and I'm thinking it would be good to flush any loose crud and the remains of the old oil out of the oil reservoir before I put new oil in and start the saw up again. (Plus a couple of books talk about flushing the oil reservoir as part of regular maintenance.)

Any one know what solvent to use for this?

The best thought I've been able to come up with is to use gasoline --- because it will probably dissolve the old oil (at least), and because whatever gasoline is left in the tank (after I swish it around and pour it out) will evaporate if I leave the tank open for a day. Does that sound right?

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Have you checked to see if you have an oil filter in your system? I have S25 Poulans from the mid 70s and 80s and when one stopped oiling I found a sponge looking filter in the pump area clogged with sawdust it had filtered from the contaminated bar oil (from not cleaning well before adding oil).

Naphtha has always been my cleaning solvent by choice. Due to the cost these days I will use cheap paint thinner. On cleaning ext parts that will be wiped or washed good (due to a varnish etc I notice the thinner separates into in my plastic cleaning container). Gas might be cheaper and possibly do a good job but more dangerous. Diesel fuel might be an option?? loger

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dawglover(z6 Boston)

The exploded drawing I have shows some kind of filter inside the oil tank and suggests periodic inspection.. But the drawing does not show how to get at it for inspection or replacement. Because I don't know what I'm doing, I've been reluctant to just start ripping and tearing. Some folks on suggest flushing with K1 and then running saw with blade off using K1 as bar oil 'til it flows well. Probably going to try that. I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks for your help!

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If an oil filter is in the oil tank as fuel filters, you might be able to see it or and fish it out with wire or needle nose pliers as I do the gas filters. Hopefully a Tech or someone with personal experience will jump in and share some info on the filter.

K1 is new to me, flowing is the goal. I'm so out of date!! loger

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