Why is it so hard to find 180degree mist microsprayers

derpherpSeptember 18, 2013

Drip irrigation works OK on herbs and veggies but on large (2-6 feet) fruit plants and containers I want to use micro sprayers to spread out the water evenly instead dripping water in one spot that concentrated in the bottom and the other side of the root/plant does get watered. I see one local nursery using it but I'm having hard time buying from local big box store, I'd like to advoid ordering online and wait for days and hassle with their refund.

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To be specific I'm looking for 6Gph mist micro sprayers . Adjustable would be great, I'm onl my way to HD to return more sprayers

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Try one of the specialists that sells to nurseries and irrigation professionals.

Main problem may be that they sell in quantities of 100 or so. I don't know; you'll have to ask.

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I suggest you make a 1/4" drip line ring at about 3/4 the way out from the trunk to the outer edge of the pot. Evenly place 6- each adjustable drippers on the ring. Adjust the dripper and the irrigation time to get the wetness you desire. Use a fairly good draining soil mix and at the beginning time the irrigation till the water comes out of the bottom of the pot. Let us know how it goes. Misting is not good for trees or vegetables leaves. The roots are the most important part of the plant. JMHO aloha

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Sherwood Botsford(3a)

You aren't going to find it at home depot. Lots of online stores for micro irrigation.

Note: Most places distinguish between mist and spray. Mist nozzles produce very fine droplets. (a few thousands of an inch. Big fog. Squint to see.) Half of them evaporate on the way to the ground, and a 1 mph wind takes the entire stream away. Spray droplets are bigger -- about 1/40th of an inch.

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