How many slow-release bottles per raised bed?

ArcadiaFarmsSeptember 25, 2012

Hi Everyone: This is my first post on any Garden Web forum. I'm a wet-behind-the-ears market gardener and currently I'm working on plans for an irrigation system to be used in my 2013 garden. I'm considering recycling 2-liter pop bottles with gravel and pin-sized holes in the bottom for slow release watering. While I've found lots of info on how to make and use them, I've yet to find info on how much coverage they provide. I realize that a larger container will provide more volume, but I'm wondering if anyone can provide me with a more specific idea of how many bottles are needed to irrigate an entire raised bed. My raised beds are 12" deep, 4' wide and 12' long. How many of these bottles do you think I would need to irrigate an entire bed?

Thanks in advance for any insight you can provide!

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Welcome to GardenWeb. What is your incentive to irrigate by this method? How big is your farm? Do you not have a pressured source of water for your farm? Are you looking for the least labor intensive most economical way to irrigate for your farm? Have you talked to other farmers or looked at YouTube videos for like minded commercial farmers? What are you goals? Fill us in on your farming philosophy and we will know how to help you and in what direction to move the suggestions. I hope these questions have not caused you to much concern but the more information you provide the better the help will be. Aloha

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