Honda HS55 Snowblower - takes time to throw snow out

harry_wildDecember 20, 2010


I have a Honda HS55 Snowblower and the problem I am having is the auglar moves slowly - resulting in almost no snow discharge from the shoot until I pause the snowblower and it builts up the "power" to do a decent stream of snow throwing. So I have to run it slowly and wait every two feet for it to start the throwing of the snow. It start with about six inches in the shoot and keeps builting up to normal discharge around 10 feet. It takes around 30 seconds to do it. If I run it at continuously; it just goes back to the 6 inches and falls on the snowblower frame. Since it does throw snow but it is retard in that one has to stop to have the snowblower generate the force to throw the snow out!

Could it be a shear bolt coming loose or is there a place to oil it?

I just do not know what the problem could be?

Thanks for any help!


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If the engine isn't slowing down, check to be sure the drive belt is tight enough when fully engaged. If the engine is slowing down, you probably have a carburetor problem or lack of fuel delivery to the carb.

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I will check the augler belt but how do you tight it? Is their a screw that controls the tension?

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Don't know about yours, so look for an adjuster that will make the cable(if it has one)that engages the auger longer or shorter. Probably it needs to be shortened.When I lived in Idaho I had an MTD and that's what it had. Don't get around many snowblowers here,LOL!!

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