Determining a Craftsman engine manufacturer

baymee(LehighValleyPA)December 23, 2009

952Z370-SUA is all I can get out of Sears. Working on a snowblower, Model 31AM63TF799 247.889700

Engine is OHV 208 CC.

Wanting to know the valve lash specs and whether to measure them 1/4" past TDC


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canguy(British Columbia)

That is an MTD with a Chinese built engine. Service specs are difficult if not impossible to find, try setting both valves at .005-.007 on the power stroke and work from there.

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Thanks, they are pretty close to that.

It's hard cold-starting and prone to flooding and it's new. In a 60 degree garage, you either prime or choke, but not both.

With the choke ON, you can pull and pull and with it OFF, it starts.

Carb was thoroughly cleaned, so looking for something else.

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Good luck! I got a BS 17.5 been hard starting form day 1. After it sets for a day or two I always have to prime it or spend 3 to 5 mins cranking it. If thats a 6 or 8 hP model I would just buy a spare engine cause IMO your going to need it. Seen them for sale from 69. to 149. At that price they arn't worth buying replacement parts for, just build you own parts supply from the scraped engines in a few years?

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I had the same problem with mine(179CC chinese engine)After contacting the main office in Illinois,they knew this was a problem and replaced the carb.Now starts on 1 pull after sitting for a week or so.

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The engines they are putting on all of that series engines are running too lean. If you take out the main jet and using a torch tip cleaner open it up just a hair and it will make it run great

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