Leyland Cypress Maintenance

MarkASparksApril 5, 2013


I have 24 Leyland Cypress trees in line using them for privacy in the very back of my property.
They are 3 years old, I planted them when they were about 2 feet tall and they are now about 10-12 feet tall. I noticed they have a brown tint to them, like they need something?

They were beautiful in late fall with deep green leaves, we have had more rain this past winter and spring with a lot of cold nights as well during this spring. I noticed this same look the second year and added a slow release fertilizer recommended from the nursery where I purchased them. That is the only fertilization they have received.

After closer inpection I also noticed the two on the very end where they are more exposed to wind are leaning and I can see the root ball separated from the large hole with ammended soil they were planted in. I am going to stake these but don't know what to do about the root ball and soil?

We had some bad freezing rain storms that made the branches look like they were going to break off several times.

I will post pictures if the sun ever comes out later today, what I really need to know is if they need to be fertilized and how to fix the separation of the root ball from the ammended soil on the two at the end of the row?

They are beautiful just don't have that deep dark green tint like in the fall.

Thank You In Advance,

Mark A Sparks

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

no pic.. no real opinion ...

how bad was winter.. how do you know its not just winter burn??? frost/freeze after budding????

and what has been your watering protocol.. since planting.. any deep watering.. thru the root zone of the wad that was planted???

have a soil test done.. if you suspect something is lacking from the soil ...

your guy will gladly sell you bag after bag of fertilizer.. but until you know the status of the soil ... you are simply guessing.. and wasting money on fert ... how much fert do you imagine a CONIFER that is growing 3 feet per year needs???? i would suggest.. not much ... and if you fert the lawn.. near them.. after this amount of time.. the roots ought to be under the lawn.. and getting everything they can steal from the lawn....

lets see the pics ...

and dont be surprised if some of the other folks slander your conifer choice.. and suggest this is normal .. etc ... especially the winter damage ... i agree with them.. but its a bit late to debate such..

i also wish you would have diversified your planting ... as you could run into a big problem in the future .... you could lose them all ... if some of them fail.. i would suggest you figure out how to replace them with other things ....


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I like it Ken: no pix, no opinion.

New rule and a keyboard shortcut!

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As a general rule, I would never fertilize a Leyland. They outgrow their roots as it is.
For your leaning trees, after you stake them, water tree only at the edge of the dripline in an effort to get the roots to grow out there for the moisture. Not sure there is much hope, but that is what I would try.

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harryshoe zone6 eastern Pennsylvania

One of the criticisms of Leyland Cypress is that they have a shallow root mass. It is recommended that they not be planted where it is windy as they tend to blow over.

My Leylands have a much better color in the fall. They seem to grow right up to the first frost. I think yours will look OK once they start growing. I agree with those above who feel fertilizing a Leyland is of little benefit.

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