how to put enough water on sunniest part of lawn?

tim_in_coSeptember 25, 2012

My lawn is a 40' x 68' rectangle, kentucky bluegrass. The edges/corners of the lawn are shaded half the day, so they are nice and lush. Center of lawn gets baked by sun all day, so it never looks nice. How can I put enough water on center of lawn, without overwatering the corners? I have Hunter PGP heads, and tried to find nozzles for center of lawn that have 20' radius and put out 6-7 gpm -- can't find anything close to this in any brand or type of head. How can I solve this problem? Would be easy to add a rotor in center of lawn from another zone, so center gets watered twice as much as edges. Thoughts?

More info: layout of rotors is typical, with head-to-head coverage, plus two rotors 15' apart near center of lawn. Soil is good, aerate and fertilize as recommended. Nozzles:

corners - #2.5 blue (2.5 gpm) nozzles

long sides - #4 blue (4 gpm) nozzles that rotate 180 degrees

center - #3 blue (3 gpm) nozzles for the two heads near center of lawn that rotate 360 degrees. Screw is way down in water stream to decrease radius to 20'.

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If the center gets baked day in and day out, you might consider replacing some of your turf with beds or groundcovers. I have a west-facing front slope with grass that used to turn to straw every summer. I converted it to groundcovers so I no longer have to fight Mother Nature.

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good idea, but the lawn is actively used for playing soccer with my nephew (and soon my son).

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What is the throw distance for the rotors and the spacing of the heads? What is your water pressure? How many days a weeks is the area actively used for soccer? What height do you mow the Blue grass lawn? Is the lawn sloped at all or very much? Is the shading from the house or hedges on the perimeter of the lawn? Do you know how to do a water audit? Aloha

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lawn is pancake flat. By soccer I meant toddlers kicking a ball. Grass mowed to 2 1/2". Water audit was done. Problem is that system was installed when trees were small, so every zone includes shady and sunny areas.

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Since I didn't get the data I needed to make a reasonable conclusion to your problem. My suggestion is to change the grass type to a more drought tolerant grass like Bermuda or Zoysia that can be mowed to 1" or less. This then makes a wonderful lawn to play soccer or even practice your golf game. Remove the center rotors from the lawn so people don't skin themselves sliding over them. JMHO Aloha

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I would recomend decreasing the size of the nozzles at the corners and long sides while increasing the size of the two center heads. the standard ratio of size would be 1x2x4, in your case it's corner x long side x center.

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