rustyj14(W/PA)December 16, 2010

I tried to open this site tonight. Got the sign-in/password page. I was on here today??!?

So, i typed in the password. Came back, said it was wrong. Sent it in again. Wrong! GRRR!! Checked in my book--was correct first time. Tried again--wrong!

I finally gave it up, and closed the password page. And, the web-site opened up just like nothing was wrong!?! And, with the correct name, and the little dots, indicating that my password was correct!

Do you think the people who operate this site allow their kids to do things on the computer, that make us all think we have lost it?

And, several days ago, i could not even access this site! No way, nothing! It said i should check my internet supplier, and re-apply for access. Finally, i pushed the quit button, and when that page went off---there was the page i had been trying to access--and working great!?

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joe_the_dutchman(ontario canada)

i cant get on tool shed eigther.what should i do to make my log in work

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No problems at all logging in. I have Firefox remember some of my usernames and passwords, and they're also kept in an encrypted file on my hard drive, so I know they're correct. If a website ever screws up, I don't come back. I'm not re-registering over and over and over again anywhere.

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There is also a program that is free for 10 passwords and anymore you pay for. It's called Coral. Do a search for "passwords coral"

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