370 echo or 026 sthil

joe_the_dutchman(ontario canada)December 16, 2010

i have the opportunity to purchase eigther saw second hand.should i be conserned about the thin chain on the echo.are they as good as a normal size chain.any info apreciated

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I like my Echo saws but the 026 is 50CC and the 370 is 36cc, if your cutting bigger wood get the 026. The narrow chain cuts real good and stays sharp for quite a while. It will not take as many sharpenings as .325 or 3/8 chain. Steve

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The Echo Chain as Steve has advised is smaller pitch . Thus it cuts smaller amounts of wood , not a big issue and will last as long as a larger pitch units if not abused . Actually you can save a little on price on the smaller pitch . Steve is again correct that due to the smaller gauge of chain the service (sharpening) life shall be reduced since there is less cutter material to begin with . The Stihl Saw is a Older Professional Grade Saw with much larger Bar and Chain Options . The type of wood and duration of cutting will be your Decision Process Decider Dude ! Good Luck :)

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