Drip irrigation or sprinkler system?

xoxosmomSeptember 23, 2008

Hi. We built a house a little over 6 months ago and our now finally getting around to landscaping. To cut costs we are doing as much as we can ourselves.

We have an area under the front windows and along the front of our house that we will be planting some shrubs and flowers in. It faces the west/full sun and in our area that wall takes a beating with our 100 deg plus summers.

It already has a pvc pipe plumbed in to tie into the sprinkler system we plan on installing on the other side of the driveway. Would it be best to put in a drip irrigation system or sprinklers? It is a narrow 3 x 15 feet flower type bed.

Thanks in advance for your input.

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Xoxosmom, I am not an expert, but I have been doing some research.

The decision of sprinkler Vs Drip is actually made on the basis of what type of plants are planned in the strip.

Veggies and like that need constant moisture do well with Drip. Large shrubs perhaps might benefit from sprinklers. Another consideration is, if your plants get completely drenched by sprinklers, it attracts slugs. If the plant planned has a trunk, then perhaps a sprinkler might be ok.

Also, since you are starting a new garden, how about planting some draught tolerant natives that need no water once established? Things like ground covers, native bushes/grasses etc.?

Just my 2c.

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Well you should use micro not just drip.I just retrofitted a system yesterday because the over head water causes fungus on alot of plants not just roses.We capped all the shrubs and put in a drip line.On the larger areas we added misters.We call this point source irragation.Lets say you plant a rose then some mondo grass.The rose needs more water so you have a few options.Use a bigger bubler or adustable flow heads.You can add more water just the one plant at the same time as you water every thing else.Plus there are no water restrictions in florida for micro because your putting the water to the roots and not wasting it on mulch or what not

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